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Ranking Rescuer's work ethic and dedication make them an excellent SEO agency. They're always on top of the latest algorithm updates and can deliver the results that they promise. I would recommend their services to anyone.

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We aren’t satisfied with just being in the #1 spot on Google. Our goal is to help you take over the entire page. We truly want to help you dominate your market by taking over the major search engines!

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As your website and web properties start ranking well in the major search engines, you will begin to receive a lot of relevant traffic to your site, and a large increase in your company’s sales.

Worry-Free Contracts

We use month to month agreements for all of our projects. Consumers should avoid signing up for lengthy contracts to protect them from companies who do not deliver what is expected of them.

Monthly Reports

We always provide detailed monthly reports to our clients to update them on their current search campaigns. We also provide best practice tips and recommendations to accelerate their campaign.

Open Communication

We are always available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. We are using a fantastic project management system that allows our clients to contact us anytime they want to.

100% Safe

We do not use any black hat tactics, illegal shortcuts, or novice strategies. We use the most powerful and reliable strategies that will not only rank your website quickly, but consistently in the long term.

Beat Your Competition

By dominating the search engines with your company website, social profiles, and web properties you are literally taking customers and prospects from your competition, and giving them to your company.

Specialized Experts

Not only are we SEO specialists, and have mastered this complex process, we also belong to a master mind community with the world’s top SEOs. We always stay on top of our industry to serve you better.

Grow Your Customer Base

With almost everyone now online, using the internet is a fantastic method to reach out to and increase your customer base. There is no time like the present to invest in effective search engine marketing.

Frank Coutinho is someone you need to see to believe. He is very driven to succeed, his SEO is sound, and he's trained by some of the top SEO experts in the industry. You can't go wrong with hiring him.

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When it comes to investing in your company’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO), selecting the right SEO agency is very, very important. Very few agencies know what they are doing, or stay up to date with the latest search engine updates. Furthermore, they may even harm your website if they use ranking strategies that are not up to professional code, ultimately causing your site to get penalized. This can make your website unsearchable in the popular search engines. Unfortunately, doing SEO for yourself may not give you the results you desire. If you would never go to a psychologist to get heart surgery, then why would you entrust your company’s SEO campaign to someone who doesn’t specialize in online marketing? Here at Ranking Rescuer, we only provide SEO consulting services to our clients. This is our specialty and we have worked hard at mastering this complex process. Regardless of what city or industry you may be in, we will get the job done! 

Here are four reasons why you should choose Ranking Rescuer to handle your company’s Search Engine Marketing campaign.

1. Detailed Company Analysis

Unlike most SEO companies who promise the moon to close their prospects without backing their claims, Ranking Rescuer does things very differently from the rest. We understand that Online Marketing is a confusing topic for most people with no experience in this area at all. That is why we do our very best to ensure our prospects have a good understanding of SEO and the process required to rank their website and social properties on the search engines. We do not just make bold claims about how SEO will increase your revenues to close a quick sale. Instead, we send all of our prospects a detailed video analysis of their company’s current presence online, from what it is doing well, to the areas it has to improve upon. In fact, we are certain that you will learn more about your company’s online presence from this video analysis vs any other source! The power of the video analysis is that you can replay it as many times as you want, and you can share it with your business partner(s)/team. We provide a complimentary video analysis to all business owners who fill out our Discovery Form. After you fill it out, we will complete a very deep analysis of your company’s online presence, and then shoot the video analysis. We will then email you access to your tailor-made video analysis within two business days.

2. Certified Professionals

Search Engine Optimization is a complex skill that is not taught at any major university in the world. This means that SEO professionals cannot show you their degrees in online marketing to verify their expertise. While this may make it difficult for business owners to verify the expertise an “SEO Expert” may claim to have, there is one easy alternative to get around this problem. With Google being the most popular and successful search engine in the world, it is more important to understand Google’s search algorithm vs any other search engine (ex. Bing or Yahoo!). It is imperative that you ask any SEO agency for their Google Partner certifications. This Partner program with Google is for any advertising agencies, digital marketing professionals, and other online consultants to show to clients or the general public that they have taken and passed Google’s exams on Analytics, AdWords, and Google’s various methods of advertising. You can view Ranking Rescuer’s Google Partner certifications here, or on our LinkedIn profiles.

3. Guaranteed Return on Investment (ROI)

Ranking Rescuer prides itself on its screening process in analyzing potential clients. As we mentioned in our Discovery Page, we do not work with all companies. We have many requirements that must be met before we take on a client. One of our goals at Ranking Rescuer is to provide goodwill in the market. Therefore, we will only accept a client if we are able to increase their sales significantly and provide them with an ROI on their investment in our SEO services. We will go over our prospect’s potential ROI in the video analysis we will be sending them after they fill out our Discovery Form. We specialize in SEO, and can only work with a limited number of clients at any given time. Therefore, we only want to work with companies that will benefit the most from our services. If SEO is not the right decision for your company, we will tell you that, and provide you with suitable alternatives. Unlike other SEO firms who may just try to take your money rather than provide true value, one of Ranking Rescuer’s principles is to ensure their clients a realistic and adequate ROI on their advertising dollars.

4. Transparency

When choosing an SEO company, select one that keeps you updated and informed with the progress of your company’s SEO campaign. Sending reports several times a day is not required, but they should try to touch base with you and your team at least once a week. If they are the experts that they claim to be then they should have nothing to hide. Here at Ranking Rescuer, we update our clients with a status report at least twice a week. That way our clients always know how their website is faring, and what progress has been made every week. We also sign up all of our clients to our project management system that allows them to contact us as many times as they want daily – there are no limitations. We also do our best to answer all of our client’s questions before they have them, by providing them access to a library of videos that will answer the most common questions we have heard from all of our clients over the years. Our clients love our project management systems so much that they have incorporated these same practices into their own businesses!

We can help your company’s website become found online and fully mobile optimized so that you can dominate your market and beat your competition. Please fill out our Discovery Form or contact us at (647) 686-7644 to get started today!

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